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Canmore, Alberta

The beautiful town of Canmore is situated in Bow Valley, in the Canadian province of Alberta. It is one of the largest towns in Alberta - even larger than some Albertan cities - and is known for having one of the mildest climates in Canada.

Cottage Delight - The WEATHER

Even the winter is mild in Canmore at only around -8°C (-18°F) at its coldest. The sun is said to shine over Canmore 330 days a year. As beautiful as its weather, moreover, is the amazing scenery. Beautiful mountains line the magnificent Canmore horizon.

Canmore is ideal for recreational sports and outdoor fun. Just west of Canmore is the World-Class Canmore Nordic Centre. There are also endless trails, five major ski resorts, water sports, cross-country skiing, the works!

Three Sisters

There are many mountains around Canmore, but the most well-known among them are "The Three Sisters" - perhaps the most recognizable group of mountains in the Canadian Rockies. They are known individually as Big Sister, Middle Sister, and Little Sister. Other mountains around the town include the Grotto Mountain, Mount Lady MacDonald, and Mount Lawrence Grassy.

Look Out For

The Northwest Mountain Police Barracks, Main Street Canmore.

Museum in Canmore

There is one museum in Canmore that you must not miss: the Canmore Museum and Geosciences Centre. This museum not only offers information about Canmore and its rich history, but it also explores the fascinating formation of the Rockies. Fun and educational for all ages, the museum features geology computer games and supports the local culture by showcasing Canmore artists. So, be sure to check out the Canmore Museum!

Canmore at the Movies

Anyone with an interest in film may want to see Canmore in the summer.... Legends of the Fall, Shanghai Noon, and Brokeback Mountain were all filmed in beautiful Canmore!

Natural Geography Trivia

Q.What park is famous throughout the planet Earth?
A.Banff National Park, which is located just west of Canmore!

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October 20, 2013


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