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Cape Breton Island , Nova Scotia

Welcome to the beautiful island of Cape Breton, in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. Although an official part of the province, Cape Breton is divided from the Nova Scotia peninsula by the Strait of Canso. The Canso Causeway, however, connects the two; so, you can easily travel across the way and check out the Nova Scotia peninsula.

Cape Breton is a distinctively large Island. In fact, it's Canada's eighteenth largest island, and the 75th largest island in the world! The island is so large that it contains four of Nova Scotia's 18 counties. Specifically, the four counties in Cape Breton are Cape Breton, Inverness, Richmond and Victoria.

Recreational Fun on Cape Breton Island

One of the most amazing experiences Cape Breton Island has to offer is whale watching. To sign up for a whale-watching cruise, simply go to one of the towns (like Baddeck or Cheticamp) and look for one of the many vendors who offer tourist activities. While whale watching, be sure to watch closely for the very popular Pilot Whale!

If you prefer staying on land, go to the northern part of Inverness or Victoria County, and take a 185-mile road trip along the well-known Cabot Trail. But, take your time on the road and absorb the scenic Cape Breton Highlands. You may also want to check out some communities along the way: stop in Baddeck, for example, to see the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site; stop in St. Ann's for the Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts; and, be sure to stop in Cape North for the North Highlands Community Visit.

Gaelic fiddle music is ever popular during the summer in Cape Breton Island. You must go to Mabou and Judique in Inverness County for the best in Gaelic music and dancing.

Fun Facts

Several celebrities are from Cape Breton: Hockey Night in Canada sportscaster Danny Gullivan, singer-songwriter Rita MacNeil, Desperate Housewives actor Rick Ravanello, and more!

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October 20, 2013


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