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Central Alberta

Central Alberta is one of several magnificent areas of the Canadian province of Alberta. It's been dubbed "Alberta's heartland" because it's the home of most Albertans and an economic wellspring in which both energy and agriculture play a significant role.

There is so much beauty in and around Central Alberta with the Canadian Rockies to the west, Southern Alberta and Calgary to the south, Saskatchewan to the east, and Northern Alberta to the north.

Central Alberta consists of various notable communities, including Towns-Barrhead, Bashaw, Bentley, Villages-Big Valley, Bittern Lake, Breton, Counties-Camrose, Clearwater, and Flagstaff.

Several waterways pass through Central Alberta, including North Saskatchewan River, Red Deer River, Battle River. So, there are always lots of things to do, places to see!

Why Go There?

There are so many tourist attractions and exciting recreational activities in Central Alberta. For example, you can learn about Alberta's history while traveling on a steam locomotive, discover the diverse natural attractions of Wildlife Park, or battle the elements on the Wild Rapids Waterslides near one of Alberta's largest bodies of water - Sylvan Lake.

Moreover, have you ever seen the world's largest dinosaur? How about the world's largest beaver? A Star Trek starship? The largest Van Gogh painting? Well, you can look out for all of these awesome roadside attractions - known as the Giants of the Prairies -- throughout Central Alberta.

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October 20, 2013


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