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Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Chatham-Kent is rather young Canadian municipality. It was only created 1998. It is classified as a single-tier municipality, and it is located in the southwestern part of the Canadian province of Ontario. Canada's Chatham is a wonderful place to visit both for its natural and recreational attractions.

Cottage Delight

If you're going to Chatham, you must check out Wheels - a fantastic family resort. If you're into exploring Chatham's extraordinary natural beauty, check out Rondeau Provincial Park, and Essex County-Point Pelee National Park.

Most intriguing about the Rondeau Provincial Park, in particular, is its long sand spit, which looks like a narrow bar of land extending from the shore, 8 km into Lake Erie. (The only other sand spit like this one is in Florida.)

While Rondeau Provincial Park does allow people to own cottages, the allotted cottage area, and the nearby churches and yacht club, may be demolished in 2017. Find out how you can get involved in preserving this Cottage Delight.

Travelers Trivia

Q.The name "Chatham" is a popular geographical name. Where else can you find a "Chatham"?

A. Internationally: New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, England. In the US: New York City, New Jersey, Michigan, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Alaska, Florida, Chicago, Pennsylvania. In Canada: New Brunswick.

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October 20, 2013


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