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Chautauqua & Alleghney, New York

The Chautauqua-Allegheny Region is located in western New York. In fact, it's the southwestern most region in the state. It's made up of Chautauqua, Cattaraugus and Allegany counties.

Water, water, everywhere! There's a rich supply of water in this region because of its numerous bodies of water - from Lake Erie to the Genesee River. With all its bodies of water and its spectacular natural and cultural attractions, the Chautauqua-Allegheny Region is a beloved tourist destination all year round.

Things to Do in Chautauqua-Allegheny

The Chautauqua-Allegheny Region is particularly well known for two major attractions: the Chautauqua Institution and Allegany State Park.

Allegany State Park is the largest state park in New York. It's ideal for nature walks, cross-country skiing, hiking, fishing, camping, birdwatching, and more.

The Chautauqua Institution offers over 200 summer programs, concerts and productions. It's located on the shores of Chautauqua Lake and welcomes over 140,000 people every summer.

Another notable educational attraction is the Seneca Iroquois National Museum near Salamanca, in Cattaraugus County. There you'll learn all about the Seneca Nation, Keeper of the Western Door of Iroquois Confederacy, through contemporary and historical art pieces, and performance art depicting the Seneca way of life.

Ski lovers will enjoy the various resorts in the area. Check out Holiday Valley and various other resorts around Ellicotville.

In addition to the wonderful outdoor activities, the nightlife is hopping in Chautauqua-Allegheny. Indeed, the restaurants are among the best in New York State!

Accommodations, Cottage Rentals, Resorts, Hotels, Inns

The Chautauqua-Allegheny Region offers a range of accommodations. If you love camping, it's an ideal place to go, since it offers a large variety of campgrounds.

Chautauqua-Allegheny Trivia

Q.What does the Seneca word "Chautauqua" mean?

A.Traditionally, it means "bag tied in the middle." Other meanings include "the place where one is lost," "fish taken out," "the place of easy death," "two moccasins tied together," "high up," and "foggy place."

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