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Cottage Diaries

Fall is my time at the cottage.

Whether it's the turning of the leaves or the quiet that seems to settle over the lake, I'll take it and truly relax and enjoy.

It's a chance to finish that book I started in the summer, snuggled up in a comforter on the front porch.

Meals turn to comfort food with stews and chilis replacing hot dogs and watermelon. Gone are the water logged swim shoes, furniture soaked with wet towels and Fido giving himself a shake in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Now's the time to hike the trails on foot or bike, reconnect with neighbours on the lake for evening fires and drinks indoors by the fireplace. If summer was hectic and fast paced, fall at the cottage takes on a life of its own and a time not to miss.

From raking the leaves into piles and tossing in a few shrieking kids to early evening fall fishing, without the hubbub of ski boats, the days move at a different pace. Even getting the cottage ready for winter, while a tad nostalgic, is still part and parcel of cottage life at its best. Hauling out the dock, shutting off the water and putting up the storms, this is the time when you know who your true friends are. It's sharing a memory.

Fall gives me the opportunity to reflect over the season, count my blessings and start planning for next year.

Last but not least, it's time to tally up the summer.

Hmmm... 986 rolls of toilet paper, up 50 from last year (going to have to asking folk to bring their own), 400 rolls of paper towel, 100 pounds of bacon, lost track of the eggs, wieners, marshmellows and oh heck, who's counting.

It was a great summer at the cottage and fall is a spectacular season finale.

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October 20, 2013


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