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Cottage Rental Questions To Ask Cottage Owners

You've made a great decision to rent a cottage. You've found the perfect one. You're about to settle and hand over your deposit, but have you asked all the right questions to be extra sure that this is the perfect cottage for you? Here's a list of 12 Cottage Rental Questions to ask before you hand over that deposit:

1. Is the cottage cleaned between visits?

2. What's the bug situation? Do we need to take precautions against, i.e., mosquitoes, wasps or black flies?

3. What are the main attractions, grocery stores, beaches, etc., in the area?

4. Is the water filtered and drinkable?

5. If you're renting in the wintertime, what's the heating situation? Do we bring our own wood for the fireplace, for example?

6. Will there be neighbours close by? How private is the cottage?

7. Are there canoes, boats, lifejackets at our disposal?

8. What does the price of the rental include? Television? Internet?

9. Are linens and towels provided? Dishes? Tupperware?

10. Are there cottage rules or stipulations? Pets? How many? Extra visitors? How many?

11. Is the cottage childproof? Are there any necessary safety precautions?

12. Just in case.... What's the cancellation policy?

Enjoy your rental!

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October 20, 2013


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