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Cottage Rentals In Cottage Country

I'm not one for camping. I never liked the idea of communing so directly with nature. Like, on the ground. I love sleeping under the stars, though - looking up at them sparkling in the black sky, then turning over in the leafy dirt, maybe waking up with a raccoon on your head. There are stories.

So, when I want to get out in nature, I choose cottage country. Somewhere by a lake, with sweet cedar lawn chairs, a sparkling lake, trees all around, and the odd raccoon or two - keeping a safe distance, of course - and a bed and bathroom, kitchen, TV....

Of course, there are country houses you can rent, hotels, bed and breakfasts, but I love the idea of a cottage. Yes, a cottage in cottage country with lots of other cottages nearby in case I need sugar or coffee or pie or cake - mmm..., cake.

Seriously, though, I go to a country house every year. It's on a farm. It's lovely, really, but it's not a cottage. It lacks the character, community and LAKE of a cottage - of a cottage countrycottage. It's a completely different summer getaway.

Don't get me wrong, I love going to the country, but, for me, cottage country is where it's at. Where I can wake up, walk out to the dock, raise my arms and yawn and stretch and drink in beautiful surroundings, greet the canoers and kayakers rowing by.... The kids play on the beach with their new cottage friends. My dad takes the boat out....

There's nothing better. Can't wait to see our latest cottage rental this summer. You bet I'm bringing my camera!

Special Event in Cottage Country :

The 2010 G8 Summit will be held in the heart of Cottage Country in Huntsville, Ontario.

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October 20, 2013


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