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Dauphin, Manitoba

About Dauphin, Manitoba

Drive along Manitoba's Provincial Trunk Highways, ride with the Canadian National Railway, or fly with Dauphin Airport. There's no excuse not to get to Dauphin!

Want Some Credit? Dauphin's Your City

Sports are huge in Dauphin! In 2006 the city built a massive new arena called The Credit Union Place, which is now home to Dauphin's successful MJHL Junior A hockey team, the Dauphin Kings. In 2010, Dauphin will host the Canadian Junior A Championship at Credit Union Place.

Dauphin's also got some very successful senior baseball teams -- The Dauphin Red Birds and Dauphin Brewers. Both have won provincial titles.

Cottage Delight

In addition to enjoying the city's sports culture, there's so much to get out and do in Dauphin! There's mountain climbing, for example, and such fun festivities as Dauphin's Country fest, Canada's National Ukrainian Festival, and Jesus Manifest.

Dauphin Trivia

Q.According to the 1996 Statistics Canada Census, who are the two largest ethnic groups in the city of Dauphin?
A. English/Scottish/Irish at 54.08%, and Ukrainian at 41.0%.

Q. Dauphin is a French term. What does it mean in English?
A. The heir apparent, or eldest son of the King of France.

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October 20, 2013


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