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Evangeline Trail , Nova Scotia

Evangeline Trail is named after the main character in American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's famous poem Evangeline, Tale of Acadie(1847).

Evangeline trail is 181 miles long. Along the trail, you'll find several great places to enjoy, including the Upper Clements Park, the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens, the Oakland Farm Zoo, and various museums, such as the Greenwood Military Museum and the Firefighters' Museum of Nova.

Travelers can also take this trail to the USA - particularly, to the Gulf of Maine, which is along the route.

Towns and Villages Along the Way

Here are some of the towns and sights you'll pass through on Evangeline Trail: Church Point in the Digby County features the tallest church in North America constructed of wood;

The Annapolis Valley is known for its apple orchards and Apple Blossom Festival; don't miss the town of Yarmouth (also known as "The Gateway to Nova Scotia") and, finally, you'll pass through Bedford, Hantsport, and the village of Weymouth.

A Fun Scavenger Hunt

Once on the Evangeline Trail, try to find the following places: Chicken Burger Diner, Uniacke House, Wolfville streetscape, and the Berwick Tourist Bureau. Happy Hunting!

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October 20, 2013


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