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G8 Summit, Muskoka 2010

The 2010 G8 Summit will be held in the heart of Cottage Country in 2010, in Huntsville, Muskoka June 25- 27, 2010. Deerhurst Resort will be hosting the event .

This is an excellent opportunity for the local area which will benefit substantially from this international focus. This summit will introduce millions of potential tourists to the Cottage Country and bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to the local economy.

The G8 is an international gathering for governments of 8 different nations including : Canada, Untied States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Japan and Italy. The intention of this meeting is to discuss issues that are mutually concerning from a global perspective.

Certainly it will be difficult to find accommodations in and around the time of the event, so ensure that you book early.

You can find local reservations for the G8 here:

Hundreds of thousands of tourists will flock to this region to be part of this historic event. Ontario will see the benefits of this G8 summit for years to come. Deerhurst resort is the perfect place to have this summer with its combination of natural beauty and serene environment.

This will be the fifth time that Canada has hosted the G8 summit. Kananaskis was the fourth Summit Canada has hosted, and the first held in Western Canada. The previous three Summits were held in Ottawa-Montebello (1981), Toronto (1988) and Halifax (1995).

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