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Gananoque, Ontario

The town of Gananoque (pronounced Gan-uh-Nok-way) is well-described by its motto "Gateway to the Thousand Islands." A beautiful town unto itself, Gananoque is located in Leeds and Grenville County, Ontario, on the St. Lawrence River. And, it is, indeed, enjoyed as a gateway: its main attractions include boat cruises to the Thousand Islands and to Boldt Castle in New York.

Art and Nature Collide

Do you like art? Do you enjoy nature? The outdoor gallery in the Confederation Park combines the two. Bring a picnic and check it out!

Gananoque Cares

Gananoque cares about the environment. In 1963, the Gananoque River Waters Association was formed with the mission to undertake the following: "Protect wildlife, arrange for equitable land water levels, maintain health standards through the purity of the water (and) confer with officials in regard to definite arrangements for maintaining and improving the waterway for everyone's use." Thanks to them, the beauty and extraordinary biodiversity of the area will, indeed, be preserved for years to come.

Photo Opportunities

Look out for the following sights: The Gananoque Clock Tower, King Street, and Cataraqui.

Gananoque Trivia

Q.What does the Aboriginal (not French) name Gananoque mean?
A.Gananoque has several meanings. Among them are "place of health," "meeting place," and "town on two rivers."

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October 20, 2013


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