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Grand Haven, Michigan

Grand Haven is a city in Michigan, USA. It is named after the nearby Grand River.

What to Do in Grand Haven City?

Grand Haven is fabulous if you're into water sports. Enjoy boating, fishing, sailing, surfing, and jet skiing, among others. In fact, every year, more than 100,000 North Americans boat in the Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival. Join them in this incredible two-week event!

On land, check out the Grand Haven state park, Grand Haven state beach - a great place for volleyball - and the Grand Haven Golf Club. In the winter months, moreover, there's a great ski and skate park.

Grand Haven and the Internet

Grand Haven is the first municipality in the United States to go Internet wireless in the city and 15 miles into the waters. So, you can surf the net while boating!

Check It Out

Check out the Grand Haven Golf Club - which has been featured in Sports Illustrated and Golf Digest magazines - and Grand Haven Musical Fountain on Dewey Hill.


Q.In which County is Grand Haven located? (Hint: it's also the name of a certain Canadian capital.)

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October 20, 2013


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