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Gravenhurst, Ontario

Gravenhurst is located in the district of Muskoka, 15 km from Bracebridge, in Canada's central province of Ontario. It is well known for its popular cottage country and beautiful lakes.

Lakes, Glorious Lakes

Come to Gravenhurst if you love water sports, for there are as many as three glorious lakes in its vicinity: the large Lake Muskoka, Gull lake (which is particularly teeming with cottages), and Kahshe Lake in the south.

Kahshe Lake

Kahshe Lake is a very popular spot among tourists and cottagers. You'll find it just south of Gravenhurst. This lake is particularly enjoyed for its fishing because its layout is apparently ideal for the sport. (Cautionary note to motor boaters, however: the water contains rocks - it's even been nicknamed "Lake of Many Rocks" and "The Minefield"!)

Read About It

Before you go, maybe pick up some literature written by Gravenhurst's own: authors Martin Avery and Christina Kilbourne bring Gravenhurst to life in their highly-acclaimed works.

Don't miss

Once in Gravenhurst, be sure to visit Main Street, Opera House, and Norman Bethune Memorial House.

Gravenhurst Trivia

Q. What were Gravenhurst's two previous names?
A.McCabes Bay, Sawdust City (in that order).

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October 20, 2013


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