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Haliburton Highlands, Ontario

Haliburton, also known as "Haliburton Highlands," is a county in Ontario. It was incorporated into Canada in 1874. Haliburton's municipality consists of the townships of Minden Mills, Algonquin Highlands, Highlands East, and the United Townships of Dysart et al - Dysart, Burton, Clyde, Dudley, Eyre, Guilford, Harburn, Hancourt, Havelock.

Why the nickname "Haliburton Highlands"? There are two reasons. First, because "Highlands" recalls Scottish culture and, particularly, the Scottish highlands - and Haliburton's first European settlers were of Scottish origin. Second, geographically speaking, Haliburton is situated high up on the Canadian Shield, at 1066 ASL to 1450 ASL.

There are many beautiful lakes around Haliburton - some of them with natural springs! Check out Redstone Lake, Hawk Lake, Mountain Lake, among others.

Do You Like Art?

Haliburton has also been nicknamed "Natural Work of Art" because of its stunning natural beauty, which draws a vast number of cottagers and tourists. In fact, cottagers and tourists fuel most of Haliburton's economy, as the cottage or vacation homes outnumber permanent residents' homes by a ratio of 3:1.

Haliburton is also called "Natural Work of Art" because it is an artist's haven - with various public galleries, and local artists' public demonstrations, workshops and classes. Theatre and musical performances are also to be enjoyed. Check it out!

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October 20, 2013


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