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Huntsville, Ontario

Incorporated into Canada in 1886, the town of Huntsville, Ontario, has a rather large population of over 18,000 people and several communities - including Allensville, Muskoka Lodge, Vernon Shores, Parkersville, Lancelot, Britannia Road, Utterson, Newholm, Melissa, and Martins.

Cottage Delight

One of the reasons Huntsville is such a popular cottage spot is that it's so close to Algonquin Park and the big city of Toronto. The town also offers wonderful accommodations and, of course, exquisite scenery.

There are great children's camps near Huntsville, such as Muskoka Woods and Olympia Sports Camp.

The Arts

Huntsville is very supportive of its arts community - funding the Huntsville Festival of Art, for example, which provided June Salmon and Marta Mirecki-de Roode a grant to create the book Fringe Festival Poetry, Poetry from the Poetry Café.

The town also offers other arts activities - such as the annual Muskoka Novel Marathon, which was created in 2001 by Canadian writers Martin Avery and Mel Malton.

Huntsville is particularly proud of its Algonquin Theatre, which was built in 2005. The Huntsville Festival of Art takes place there.

Huntsville in History

Huntsville got its name in 1870 from Captain George Hunt, the town's first postmaster.

Huntsville in the Future

The 36th G8 Summit will take place at the Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville in 2010.

Celebrity and Travelers Trivia

Q. What famous Canadian singer and songwriter was discovered in Huntsville?

A. Shania Twain

Q. There are many "Huntsville"s in the US. Can you guess which states have a "Huntsville"?

A: Utah, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, Missouri, Indiana, Arkansas, and Alabama.

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