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Invermere, British Colombia

Invermere, British Colombia, became an official part of Canada in 1951. The most popular region of the Columbia Valley, Invermere rests near Windmere Lake, between Golden Town and the city of Cranbrook.

Calgary's Vacation Hotspot

Because Invermere is so close to Alberta, residents of Calgary often go there to enjoy the Fairmont Hot Springs.

There are only 500 year-round residents in Invermere, so the region is really focused on its tourists.

Everyone's favourite Invermere destination is Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, which is known for its natural Jacuzzi and its three beautiful golf courses (near the Columbia River).

Also well worth exploring is the stunning Mount Nelson. Check it out!

Fascinating Fact

Invermere is home not only to the Fairmont Hot Springs but also to the biggest wetland in all of North America - Colombia River Wetlands. Be sure to visit this famous landmark!

Hockey Trivia

Q.What is the name of Invermere's Junior Hockey Team?
A.Colombia Valley Rockies

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October 20, 2013


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