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Kelowna, British Columbia

The city of Kelowna rests on Okanagan Lake, in the Okanagan Valley of the Canadian province of British Columbia. Kelowna was incorporated into Canada in 1905, and it is now ranked the 22nd largest metropolitan area in the country.

Cottage Delight

There's plenty to do year round in Kelowna. During summer, Kelowna is a wonderful place for boating, swimming and walking along the beaches. You can also enjoy the city's various festivals and outdoor entertainment in the parks.

Kelowna's climate is ideal for wine making. Be sure to visit the fine vineyards, orchards and Okanagan wine festivals, for which Kelowna is well known.

In the winter Kelowna is a great destination for skiing and skating.

Native Indian Multiple Choice Trivia

Q.What's the closest English translation to the name Kelowna?
A. Female grizzly bear

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