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Lake Cottage Rental

There's a difference between a country house and a cottage. In Montreal, they insist that the terms "country house" and "cottage" are interchangeable. They call cottages "country houses," whether they're by the lake or not. But, it's not the case.

See, my in laws have an actual country house - it's in the country, in the middle of acres of farm land. And, as lovely as it is to visit, there's one thing missing, one giant beautiful thing that I totally depend on when I'm out of the city: the lake.

Don't get me wrong, family and I love visiting this country house, and we feel blessed to have such a great get-away spot at our disposal. There are acres of farmland, mooing cows in the backyard, organic gardens, coyotes howling in the night, and there's a swimming pool. When we visit in the summer, we spend most of the time lounging by this swimming pool, having diving competitions in this swimming pool, as well as laying in the hammock, visiting the cows, and gawking at giant sunflowers.

But, even though we have this lovely spot to visit, we also love renting a cottage every summer. And, I don't know about the rest of my family members - who are perfectly satisfied with a pool and acres of land - I need a lake. I need a lake, and a dock, a canoe, and loons, and ducks, and a sandy beach for the kids to play on. My dad will fish, my kids will float in their lifejackets, I'll canoe and swim laps to the buoy and back (which is much more interesting than swimming laps in a pool), and I'll just stand there ingesting the beauty. Yoga by the dock is also pretty sweet.

When renting a cottage, then, be sure to check out the lake. What lake is it? Is it clean? Is there a dock? How deep is the water around your dock? Is there a boat available? Jet ski? Canoe? Life jackets? All these questions are important to ask in determining what kind of cottage vacation you want.

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October 20, 2013


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