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Lake Huron, Ontario

Lake Huron Area, Ontario

Lake Huron flows between Michigan State and the Canadian province of Ontario. It's the second largest of all the Great Lakes, and the third largest freshwater lake on the planet - measuring at a whopping 23,010 square miles, a volume of 850 cubic miles, and a shoreline length of 3,827 miles. Its average depth is 59 metres; its deepest depth is 229 meters.

Both Canada and the United States have cities on Lake Huron. Michigan State has several cities along the lake - including Port Huron, Rogers City, and Bay City, which is known for its summer festivities.

The Canadian province of Ontario has Sarnia on the lake, as well as Manitoulin Island. Sarnia is the largest city on Lake Huron. The famous filmmaker Michael Moore actually interviewed people and filmed in Sarnia for one of his documentaries.

Manitoulin Island is the largest island in the world inhabiting a freshwater lake. It's known for its Haweater Festival, which takes place in the long weekend in August - enjoy parades, fireworks, and more!

This area is a hot bed for cottagers. Whether you enjoy activites such as golfing, hiking, swimming, boating, fishing or simply lazing around while cooking dinner on the barbeque, this is the perfect cottage destination for you.

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October 20, 2013


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