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Lake Manitoba, Manitoba

Lake Manitoba is an impressive body of water, with a surface area of 4,624 square kilometers - making it Canada's thirteenth largest lake, and the 33rd largest freshwater lake in the world. The lake also reaches a maximum length of 125 miles, width of 28 miles, and depth of 23 feet.

More than a magnificent body of water, this lake is home to Fairford, Steep Rock, St. Laurent and Amaranth.

St. Laurent

Hop on Highway 6 and check out St. Laurent and the wonderful cottage and residential community there. St. Laurent celebrates the Metis culture - so you can enjoy the historic Canadian atmosphere and attractions. Also, be sure to head to the beach!

Lake Winnipeg and Gimli

Lake Winnipeg is even larger than Lake Manitoba. At 9,465 square miles, it is the fifth largest freshwater lake in all of Canada. There are great beaches along the lake, such as Grand Beach, Winnipeg Beach, and Victoria Beach. Villages to visit include Riverton, Gimli, Pine Falls, and Grand Rapids.

Gimli is a must-see because it celebrates Icelandic culture in a summer festival called Islendingadagurinn. This festival began in Winnipeg as early as 1890, until it was moved to Gimli in 1932. It's no wonder Gimli is nicknamed "The Capital of New Iceland"!

How Well Do You Know your Whiskey?

Q.What whiskey is produced only at Gimli?
A.Crown Royal

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October 20, 2013


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