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Lake Of Bays, Ontario

The name Lake of Bays refers both to the town of Lake of Bays and the lake itself. The Lake of Bays town is fairly new - becoming a township as late as 1971. It is a part of the District Municipality of Muskoka, in the Canadian province of Ontario. The lake itself is only 193 km from Toronto, Ontario.

Cottage Delight

The town and lake are visually stunning - a landscape photographer's dream: the sculpted rocks, the green, lush forestlands, and the refreshing waters of the lakes and wetlands. There are several communities in the Lake of Bays, namely, Norway Point, Sea Breeze, Grassmere, Grove Park, Baysville, and Maple Ridge. And, there are four bodies of water - Cooper Lake, Lake of Bays, Peninsula Lake, and Oxtongue River.

Live it Big in Bigwin Island

The island of Bigwin lives up to its name, since it's the biggest island on the Lake of Bays. It's a resort island, centred on golf. So, bring your clubs, and treat yourself to a stay in a luxury cottage, condominium, hotel, or the most popular spot among tourists from the midwest eastern seaboard and Toronto - the Bigwin Inn.

Great Photo Opportunities

Be sure to bring your camera and enjoy the sights at any dock in the community of Dwight, South Portage, or Dorset.

Lake of Bays Trivia

Q.What Canadian movie was filmed in Lake of Bays?
A. The recent film Away From Here, released in 2006.

Q.What were Lake of Bays previous names?
A. Baptiste Lake, Forked Lake, Lake of Two Bays.

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October 20, 2013


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