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Lake Of The Woods, Ontario

Lake of the Woods is 70 miles long and 70 miles wide, stretching through Canadian provinces Ontario, Manitoba, and the US state of Minnesota - thus straddling Canada and the United States. What's most interesting about the Lake of the Woods, is the way in which it brings Canada and the US together. Specifically, because it divides Minnesota from the Minnesotan Angle Inlet, travelers actually have to go through Canada to travel between the state and its inlet!

Places to Go

There are many great places to visit around Lake of Woods: Nestor Falls, Rainy River, Kenora (in Ontario), Roseau, Warroad, Baudette (Minnesota). There are also many native reserves in the area, such as Big Grassy (Ontario), Dog Paw (Ontario), and Buffalo Point (Manitoba).

Rare Fish

If you decide to go fishing in the lake, you may catch a fairly uncommon fish called Muskellunge. This is the largest fish in the Pike family Esocidae.

Cottage Rentals in Lake of the Woods

Lake of The Woods is a popular cottage destination for many cottagers both in the USA and Canada. Check out some of the excellent cottage rentals available at

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October 20, 2013


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