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Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia

Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park is a major tourist attraction. The beach is visually stunning, and there's plenty for everyone to do. In the same day, you can enjoy the great shopping, restaurants and bars in downtown Halifax, and take in the beach - only 25 minutes away.

Lawrencetown is well known to surfers because of its September Storm Classic surfing contest. It's also a favourite hiking spot, for the trails are as exciting as the rolling waters.

The area is also appreciated for its unique varieties of flora and fauna. Take yourselves and the kids for an exciting nature trip!


Q.What group has been in charge of watching over this beach since 1973?

A.Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service

Q.Aside from water, sand and castles, what else can you find on the beach?

A.Canteen, showers, toilets, parking and boardwalks.

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October 20, 2013


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