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Lighthouse Route & South Shore, Nova Scotia

Take a road trip along Lighthouse Route, in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

From the urban area of Halifax to the southwestern town and port of Yarmouth (nicknamed "The Gateway to Nova Scotia"), the 211-mile Lighthouse Route offers magnificent scenery and many lovely communities to visit.

Explore the downtown area of the Halifax Peninsula, for example, enjoy the coastal attractions in the community of Bayside, and, of course, drive down the beautiful Lighthouse Trail in the rural community of Peggy Cove.

Don't forget to take a pit stop and relax at Crescent Beach! (Be sure to bring your camera - it's really beautiful there)

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse on Lighthouse Trail is one of the few lighthouses still used by the Canadian Coast Guard today. It's red and white - the colours of the Canadian flag.

Roads and Highways on the Route

The Lighthouse Route consists of several main highways and roads. The highways include Trunk 3, Highway 103, Route 309, Route 329, Route 330, Route 331, Route 332, and Route 333. Some of the major roads are Brighton Road, East Green Harbour Road, Little Harbour Road, Port Clye Road, Sandy Point Road, Shore Road, and West Sable Road.

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October 20, 2013


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