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Luxury Cottage Rentals

We all hear the term "luxury hotel" or "luxury condominium" when we talk about travel or accommodations. But, we don't often think about luxury cottages. When we think of cottages we think of roughing it a little, spiders in the corners, broomsticks in the kitchen and duct tape on the screen door. Well, maybe we don't quite think of it that way. But, rarely do we think of luxury cottages - with regular cleaning staff, room and spa service, and all the amenities of a luxury hotel.

Well, of course, it's totally possible to rent a luxurycottage, and it's ideal to rent one for a special occasion, a honeymoon or anniversary getaway. If you're traveling with kids, you can find wonderful luxury cottages with private backyards and playgrounds, gardens and beaches.

There are different criteria for luxury hotels. Some are "luxury" because they offer the same services as a luxury hotel. Others are because of the stunning view from, like, the bathroom. Others for their modern, brand new furnishings and valuable fine art on the walls. And, others for their size or number of bedrooms. Indeed, if you're traveling with a group, luxury cottages are ideal and obviously more affordable.

Determine for yourself what "luxury" means to you, and what you want out of your luxury cottage vacation. Does your luxury cottage allow pets? Is there a swimming pool? A sandy beach? Beach chairs? What services are included with your rental? Are linens and towels provided? Internet? Phone? How about privacy? And, is there a hot tub? Laundry machines? Dishes and a dishwasher? Is it beautiful, clean, unforgettable....

When my family rented a cottage for nine people and four dogs last summer, I was so pleasantly surprised to find it positively luxurious when I arrived. I'd expected a quaint little cottage, and that we'd all be on top of each other. I did not expect the spaciousness, the elegant boathouse, outdoor hot tub, and dockside bar.... It was beyond luxurious - even though we supplied our own linens. Although the luxury wasn't necessary, it was FUN and made our trip a real treat.

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October 20, 2013


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