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Mackenzie, British Columbia

Mackenzie is a municipality in the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George and is located in the central region of the Canadian province of British Columbia. It became an official city in 1966.

Summer in Mackenzie

In the summer, you can enjoy fishing, golf, and swimming and relaxing at one of the city's two beautiful beaches.

Winter in Mackenzie

In the winter, enjoy skiing, skating, curling, dog sled and snowmobiling races, and more - less than an hour away at the Powder King ski resort.

Places to See

Go to Morfee Lake for a great view of two beaches, and to Morfee Mountain for a stunning aerial view of Mackenzie itself.

Road Trip

Mackenzie is a great road-trip destination. Come to Mackenzie via RV, and enjoy the city's great RV park.

Canadian Trivia - Mackenzie, British Columbia

Q.Whom is Mackenzie named after?
A.Sir Alexander Mackenzie, an 18th-century Scottish explorer (not to be confused with Alexander Mackenzie, the second Prime Minister of Canada)

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