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Muskoka Cottages

The sparkling reflections on the waters. The vibrant colours of the Fall leaves. The smell of bonfires, pine and cedar. Muskoka cottages are among the most beautiful in North America.

Maybe I'm a little biased, though, since I went to a sleepover camp on Lake Muskoka when I was a child. I remember looking out the windows as we neared camp at all the red rocks, and at so many lakes sparkling in the sun. The plateaus, beaches, sunsets.

I remember those Muskoka smells, birds, trees, those Muskoka nights - the twinkling stars, so much brighter than anything I'd ever seen in the city.

So, maybe I'm a little biased. But, every time I go back to Muskoka I'm taken back to that childhood paradise. And every time I go back to Muskoka, I build new memories with my own children.

Muskoka Cottages - why so beautiful? Because of the memories, the natural beauty, the peace and quiet, the starry skies, and because my family and I build new beautiful memories there together every summer.

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Enjoy Cottage Country !

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October 20, 2013


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