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Muskoka Lakes, Ontario

The township of Muskoka Lakes is located in the District Municipality of Muskoka, in the Canadian province of Ontario. It became an official Canadian township in 1971 as a result of various regions merging as one - the townships of Cardwell, Medora, Watt, Windermere, Wood, the communities of Bala and Port Carling, and part of the township of Monck.

Other communities within Muskoka Lakes include Bardsville, Barlochan, Bear Cove, Beatrice, Cedar River, Dudley, Duffy, Echo Beach, Glen Orchard, Port Sandfield, Raymond, Rossclair, Torrance, Tomelin Bluffs, Valley Green Beach, and Sunset Beach.

Port Carling

The unincorporated community of Port Carling is the municipal seat of the Muskoka Lakes Township, and it is considered a tourist's and cottager's haven because of its gorgeous waters, stunning landscapes and lovely old buildings.

It also features the wonderful Muskoka Lakes Museum. In winter, the museum hosts a Snow Snake contest at Winterfest. In a Snow Snake contest, wooden sticks are slid across the icy snow - whoever slides their stick the farthest wins.

Another event of interest in Port Carling is the Muskoka Lakes Association's Antique Boat Show, which is held every other year. Don't miss it - the antique boats are truly fascinating!

Sights to See

Any lake in Muskoka is absolutely picturesque. Also, be sure to check out Steamboat Bay in Port Carling, the Port Carling locks, the south side of Port Carling, and the Ferndale Lookout Tower.

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October 20, 2013


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