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Nipissing, Ontario

You'll find four different Nipissings in the Canadian province of Ontario: Lake Nipissing, the district of Nipissing, the township of Nipissing, and the community of Nipissing - all of which are located in the District of Parry Sound.

The township of Nipissing became an official part of Canada in 1888. Besides the community of Nipissing, the township contains the communities of Alsace, Christian Valley, Hotham and Wade's Landing.

Lake Nipissing

Lake Nipissing, upon which the township of Nipissing rests, is a beautiful place to visit. With its many islands, there's never a shortage of places to explore.Attention all fish enthusiasts! There are over 40 different kinds of fish to find in Lake Nipissing - the most popular being walleye, smallmouth bass, musky, and northern pike.

Lake Nipissing is also a great place to visit because it's only 16 miles away from the world famous Algonquin Provincial Park. Come to this national historic site and explore its vast terrain of 7630 square km, and the 1000+ lakes and streams that flow through it.


Q.Who was the first non-Native to discover Nipissing?
A.James Chapman. He paddled by canoe to Nipissing in 1862. There's lots of information about James Chapman and his wife Pheobe at the Nipissing Museum. Check it out!

Q.What is the English translation of the Algonquin word "Nipissing"?
A. "Big Water."

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October 20, 2013


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