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North Bay, Ontario

North Bay is located in the northeastern part of the Canadian province Ontario, beside Lake Nipissing, in the Nipissing District. As their motto goes, North Bay is "Just North enough to be perfect." North Bay has been an official Canadian city since 1891.

Take a Train Ride

Join North Bay residents and other tourists on one of the scenic trains in North Bay's Waterfront Park. The trip is well worth it for the magnificent view of Lake Nipissing!

The Municipality of Callander

The Municipality of Callander lies in the southern part of North Bay. It's an excellent vacation destination because of its beautiful marina and two beaches. Once there, be sure to go exploring on the Kate Pace Way, a trail that takes you from Callander to the city of North Bay.

The Future of North Bay

By 2011 North Bay will have a new community waterfront park, which will feature more carousels and botanical gardens, a children's area, and a longer train ride along Lake Nipissing. Very exciting!

Sights to See

Don't miss the Gateway sign between North Bay and North Ontario, the CF-100 display in Lee's Park and, one of the rarest sights you'll ever see, a volcanic pipe known as Callander Bay.


Q.What former premier of Ontario grew up in North Bay?
A.Mike Harris.

Q.What member of the Canadian sketch show Kids in the Hall was born in North Bay?
A. Scott Thompson

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October 20, 2013


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