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Northern Alberta

Northern Alberta is a beautiful region in the Canadian province of Alberta. It has a strong industrial economy. Centered in Grand Prairie and Fort McMurray, it is teeming with oil reserves in the east, natural gas in the west, and forestry and logging in the south.

Northern Alberta has also developed a highly-effective infrastructure, which includes the Northern Woods and Water Route Highway, Fort McMurray Airport, and the Peace Country Health region.

Northern Alberta is largely rural, as well, and consists of many rural communities and towns that are perfect for a quaint vacation.

Why visit Northern Alberta?

There's a lot to do in Northern Alberta! Among its many attractions, check out Beaver Lodge and the Giant Beaver statue, the play parks, Nampa's Annual Farmer's Day and Family Fair, and the wildlife and river valleys of Northern Lights!

The Northern Lights is probably the most exciting natural phenomenon Northern Alberta has to offer. This multi-coloured spectacle is best viewed from Fort McMurray.

Diamonds are a good reason to visit Northern Alberta! What are known as Kimberlite fields can be found in Buffalo Head Hills and Birch Mountains. These fields actually make up a province within the Northern Alberta region - the Northern Alberta Kimberlite province.

Other great tourist attractions in Northern Alberta include the Lesser Slave Lake Bird Observatory, the Fort McMurray Historical Society's Heritage Park, and the Oil Sands Discovery Center. Check them out!

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October 20, 2013


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