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Northern British Columbia

There are lots of great places to go for a great time in beautiful Northern BC.

Prince George Park and Dawson Creek are located there. Both these spots are natural beauties abundant with parks, flowers, trees. Mile Zero Park is another great spot, especially if you'd like a guided nature tour -- just sign up with one of the qualified tour operators, and they will lead you on a hiking or kayaking adventure!

In addition to enjoying nature, you and the family can take in some educational fun at The Exploration Place Science Center Museum.

For some relaxation, sightseeing, and recreation, enjoy the King Pacific Lodge in Northwest British Colombia. Situated right on the Princess Royal Island, this lodge offers such activities as fly-in fishing, kayaking, and more!

Cottage rentals in Northern British Columbia

This is a fantastic destination to rent a cottage, go golfing and truly enjoy the outdoors. Make sure you check out all of the great available rentals that has to offer in Northern British Columbia.

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October 20, 2013


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