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Parry Sound, Ontario

Parry Sound is located in the central part of Ontario, on the eastern shore of Georgian Bay, 100 miles from Sudbury and 145 miles from Toronto. It became an official Canadian town in 1857.

Cottager's Delight

Parry Sound is a very popular town for cottagers - who bring the town's population to over 75,000 each summer.

There's much to do in Parry Sound. There are several beautiful provincial parks to visit, for example - Oastler Lake, Massasauga, and Killbear. There's also the town's own African Lion Safari, ATV tours of Parry Sound's wilderness, and the 30,000 Island tour - a particularly fascinating tour, as it takes you through what may be the biggest freshwater archipelago on Earth, and home to 100+ endangered species.

Parry's Sound

From July to August, Parry Sound hosts the Festival of the Sound, which celebrates classical music. Yo-Yo Ma has performed at this festival!

More Tourist Attractions

Be sure to check out Parry Sound's Harbour and Downtown Parry Sound.


Q.Whom is Parry Sound named after?
A.Arctic Explorer Sir William Edward Parry

Q.What famous hockey player was born in Parry Sound?
A. Bobby Orr. The town's local community centre is named after him.

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October 20, 2013


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