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Prince County, PEI

Prince County is located next to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, in western PEI.

The western and eastern parts of the county offer very different experiences. If you want a rural experience, go to West Prince. If you want more of an urban getaway, then East Prince is your place. Of course, if you want a mix of relaxation and city busy-ness, then Prince County is an ideal choice - since you have the best of both worlds.


When in Prince County, be sure to check out Summerside, the second largest city in Prince Edward Island. There, you'll find much to do - from harness racing, hockey, curling, yachting, golfing, bed and breakfasts, a brand new boardwalk on the waterfront, the College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts, a fox museum, and much more.

Photo Opportunities

Bring your camera to Malpeque Bay - a sub-basin of the St. Lawrence Golf that creates the isthmus upon which Summerside lies.


Q.What inspired the name of this county?
A.It was named by Captain Samuel Holland in 1765, in honor of George Augustus Frederick, Prince of Wales.

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October 20, 2013


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