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Rideau Ferry, Ontario

The small town of Rideau Ferry is located along the Rideau Waterway in eastern Ontario. More specifically, it bridges the narrow stretch of water that connects the Big Rideau Lake to the Lower Rideau Lake.

The Rideau Waterway's south shore is situated in the Township of Rideau Lakes (in the county of Leeds and Grenville), and its north shore is situated in the township of Drummond/North Elmsley, in the county of Lanark.

Things to Do in Rideau Ferry

There's a lot to do in this small town. When there, take advantage of the town's general store, restaurant, motel, marina, art studio and Castle Building Centre.

Big Rideau Lake

When in Rideau Ferry, check out the World Heritage site of Big Rideau Lake - Murphy's Point Provincial Park. There, you can take a tour of a restored mica mine, sawmill ruins and pioneer homes. You can also camp there, canoe, and catch such fish as sunfish, rock bass, northern pike, and lake trout. In the winter, cross-country ski along the trails or join the speed-skating tournament.

Rideau Trivia

Q.What was Rideau Ferry originally called?
A. It was originally called Oliver's Ferry, after John Oliver, a ferry operator among the first (Scottish) people to come to this community.

Q.What type of Ferry is now operated at Rideau Ferry?
A.Trick question, of course! There is no ferry in Rideau Ferry.

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October 20, 2013


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