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Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Salt Sprint Island is perhaps the most popular island of all the southern Gulf Islands of BC, Canada. It is not only the largest island in the Gulf Islands, but also the home to many full-time residents - including, notably, many celebrated artists, sculptors and musicians.

Saltspring vs. Salt Spring

The island was originally named Saltsprings Island, but, interestingly, the island's residents call it Salt Spring Island.

Island Culture

If you're there on a Saturday, be sure to take a walk along the Harbourside paths of Salt Spring Island's Centennial Park and check out the Saturday Art and Farmer's Market. There, you'll find over 150 local vendors selling their unique crafts, organic foods, and more.

Additional Popular Tourist Spots

Rent a cushy cabin and enjoy swimming, boating, canoeing, fishing and more at Cusheon Lake. In addition, check out the float planes (planes that land on water), and, of course, Mount Maxwell.


Q.What new currency was created in Salt Spring Island?
A.Salt Spring Dollars. It's a real currency, but you can only use Salt Spring dollars on the island.

Q.What famous Canadian rocker is "Taking Care of Business" in Salt Springs?
A. Randy Bachman

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October 20, 2013


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