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Snowshoeing And Skating With The Kids On A Frozen Lake

I didn't think you could get snowshoes for a very small three year old. But, apparently, you can. Most seasoned winter cottagers already know snowshoes come in all sizes (since they seem to be available everywhere), but this was news to a cottage newbie like myself. The little snowshoes are adorable!

My kids were a little apprehensive about their new snowshoes. But, once we strapped the shoes in place, they got excited and immediately began crunching the snow beneath them. Well, not entirely. There's more snow than we're used to up at the cottage - a little too much for my three-year-old to handle in his foreign new contraptions. So he did a lot of falling, and I did a lot of picking up.

Once we got to the lake, the snow leveled out, and the kids really got their rhythm. Crunch crunch crunch crunch. We plodded along the snowy frozen lake as a family, took in the view, breathed in the fresh, crisp air. It was definitely an experience to remember, and much more adventurous than walking along country roads.

We were a little crazy, I think, getting the kids brand new snowshoes right away - because they'd never even skated before! Of course, we got them new skates, too, and had a blast teaching them to skate while relearning the sport ourselves. The ice was a little bumpy, so we kept things slow. The kids didn't do much gliding at all, but they were proud of themselves, nonetheless, for trying something new.

Even though the ice was a tad bumpy and uneven, skating on a vast frozen lake amidst a magnificent scenery was the best place to teach our kids to skate. Much better than a crowded skating rink.

We've been spending most of our winter weekends like this - enjoying the lake and the winter to their fullest. At the end of one particular day, we were sipping cocoa by the woodstove, looking out the window and admiring the sunset, when, WOW, we saw two deer galloping across the lake together! It was a beautiful sight that stunningly capped off the day's adventures.

We look forward to more next year. Mind you, there's a snowstorm here in the city. Which means...goodie! Bring on the skates and snowshoes - for all!

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October 20, 2013


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