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South Of Boston, Massachusetts

South Boston is a bourgeoning neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts. It is located south of the Fort Point Channel, and adjacent to Dorchester Bay - hence its original name, "Dorchester Neck." These days, residents affectionately call it "Southie."

The residents of South Boston are generally working-class Irish Americans. Indeed, the neighborhood abounds with Irish-Catholic churches, Irish restaurants, pubs and clubs. Political representation is typically Irish Catholic, as well. Now, though, more and more young professionals of all cultures and backgrounds are coming to South Boston for its charm, great public transportation and proximity to downtown Boston.

Things to Do in South Boston

Castle Island is a main attraction in South Boston. Many people enjoy walking around this fort, which was erected during the Revolutionary era, and the surrounding 22-acre park.

March is an ideal time to visit South Boston - for the annual South Boston's St. Patrick's Day Parade.

The South Boston Waterfront is buzzing these days with popularity. There you'll find the Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre. The area is also fast developing with houses, offices, retail stores, hotels, condos and, as of September 2009, the Institute for Contemporary Art.

Southie Trivia

Q. Many Hollywood movies were filmed or drew characters from South Boston. Can you name some of them?

A. The Irish American janitor Will Hunting, played by Matt Damon in the movie Good Will Hunting(1997), is from South Boston; parts of Clint Eastwood's Mystic River (2003) were filmed in South Boston - one of the character's businesses was the local corner store, Miller's Market, at 366 K Street; and The Departed (2006)and Gone Baby Gone(2007) were filmed in South Boston.

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