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Spring At The Cottage

Springtime in cottage country is one of the most exciting times of the year. It's time to open the cottage up after a long winter's hibernation. There's work to be done, but hopefully not too much. Hopefully opening up the cottage is a family affair, and a bonfire in the crisp night air is involved - newly-arrived neighbours joining in, s'mores all around.

Once the cottage is opened, cleaned, patched up and ready to go, springtime offers a fresh serenity that you don't find any other time of year in cottage country. The kids are still in school, so the weekdays are quiet, and the novelty of cottage country is fresh. The forests, gardens and dirt paths are all abloom with wild spring flowers. The weather is mild, and the residents are eager to open stores and businesses.

While cottage owners are settling into the new season, cottage renters will find discounted prices between April and May. Indeed, there's no need to fly to Cabo -- renting a cottage just outside the city is an ideal and affordable way to spend spring break. The local pubs are open, there's usually a festival or two in town, and the weather is typically mild enough to enjoy a kayak, canoe or jet ski.

Whether you're a cottage owner or renter, springtime at the cottage is full of possibilities. Check out for listings!

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October 20, 2013


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