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St. Joseph, Michigan

St. Joseph is located in Michigan, in the county of Berrien - 90 miles from Chicago. It became a village in 1834, and the city it is today in 1891.

Why Visit St. Joseph?

Tourists (many of whom are from Chicago) come to St. Joseph for its beauty, natural attractions, beaches, parks, museums, restaurants, and for its thriving community.

In particular, tourists flock to the Silver Beach County Park in downtown St. Joseph, to the John and Dede Howard Family Recreation Trail, Kiwanis Park (which is home to the John and Dede Howard Skate Park), and to the many fairs and festivals the city hosts every year - from the Magical Ice-Carving Festival, to the famous Venetian festival, the Harvest Festival, and more!

The Other "Twin"

Benton Harbor is considered St. Joseph's "twin city." There, you can appreciate the beautiful sights, enjoy fresh food at Benton Harbor's Fruit Market, hiking, birdwatching (over 300 species) at the Sarret Nature Centre, and much more.

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October 20, 2013


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