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Temagami, Ontario

Temagami is located in northeastern Ontario, in the district of Nipissing.

The Lakes of Temagami

Lake Temagami features some of the largest old growth red and white pine forests in Ontario. Enjoy the beauty of these magnificent forests while canoeing along Lake Temagami.

In addition to Lake Temagami, there are over 20 lakes in Temagami, including Blueberry Lake, Rib Lake, Duncan Lake, Rabbit Lake, Snake Island Lake, Angus Lake, James Lake, Lady Evelyn Lake, Martin Lake, and Wilson Lake, and more.

Temagami from Above

View Temagami from its beautiful mountaintops. In particular, check out Maple Mountain, High Rock, Caribou Mountain, and Ishpatina Ridge, which has three of the highest peaks in Ontario! When at Caribou Mountain, look for Temagami's 98 feet Fire Tower - a lookout tower that you can climb.

Lady-Evelyn Smoothwater Provincial Park

When in Temagami, be sure to check out the Lady-Evelyn Smoothwater Provincial Park, which is located conveniently close to Lake Temagami. This park is well known for its variety of outdoor activities and its natural beauty - Helen Falls, for instance, is a must see.

Sights to See

Be sure to visit Rabbit Lake, Temagami Railroad Station, Helen Falls and, of course, the views from the mountaintops!

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October 20, 2013


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