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The Perfect Family Vacation - Cottage Country

For most of us out there, a family vacation comes once, maybe twice a year. Depending on how old your children are, getting time away from school, or actually getting them to agree to spend a week of quality time with you, can be one of life's great challenges. Now add a major economic recession to the mix and suddenly the family vacation goes from challenging to a practical impossibility. Before you pack away the swimsuits and put the suitcases into storage, allow us to remind you that one of the greatest family vacations you can have, happens to be one of the least expensive and the most memorable. In good times and bad, cottage country is always a safe bet.

Cottage country offers various options for all budgets. Whether you rent a cottage for a week, find yourself a local bed and breakfast or splurge for a resort, your cottage country vacation can cost as little or as much as you want it to. Cottage rentals start at $500 for the week and allow you to make your own meals (always a lot cheaper!), Bed and Breakfasts and Hotels will cost you upwards from about $100/night. By driving to the cottage country nearest to you, you remove the expense of flying (often the most expensive part of any trip.) For a family of four, that can be significantly more than the cost of one week at a comfortable cottage.

So we have determined that it's a cheaper bet, but the question remains, are you compromising on the quality of your scared family time together? With only one or two precious weeks a year to bond as a family unit, we can't afford not to have the time of our lives. As any cottager will tell you, there is something truly special about a cottage country vacation. Imagine renting a cottage that offers total seclusion, where it's all about you and your family for a whole week. Picture lounging on your raft, as your float off the side of the dock, sipping your iced tea and chatting with your kids about their latest trials and tribulations. Or perhaps hanging on the back deck in the early evening, as you barbecue some hot dogs for your hungry brood.

How about sitting around the kitchen table for a heated game of monopoly, or taking long walks in the morning through the quiet peaceful woods around you. With a little sun, a lake and nature around you, how could any cottage country vacation not be great?

So break back out the swimsuits, dust off the suitcases, and start surfing through those cottage, B&B and hotel listings. The vacation of a lifetime is just a few hours away.

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October 20, 2013


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