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Thompson & Okanagan, British Columbia

Thompson County is just northwest of the Okanagan, in the Canadian province of British Columbia. These regions both epitomize the awe-inspiring natural beauty that British Columbia is known for.

Okanagan, British Columbia

Okanagan is also known as the Okanagan Valley and Okanagan Country.There is also a river and lake by the same name within the district. Okanagan is also the name of the language and people that once dominated the land.

Get Active in the Natural Environment

In the Okanagan region, you can take time for yourself and explore nature without interference. In the summer, enjoy boating, water skiing, hiking. In the winter, enjoy the cross-country skiing. For more laid-back activities - or even for retiring - Okanagan is ideal.

You can bask in the sun, relax by the lake, and check out the wineries. Okanagan even makes its own wine called Okanagan Valley.

Thompson British Columbia - Okanagan's Neighbour to the Northwest

Once called Couteau Country or Couteau District, Thompson County (also known as The Thompson, or Thompson Valley) is located in southern British Columbia. The well-known city of Kamloops is located in Thompson.

It's a large city: in 2006 it was deemed the third most densely-populated metropolitan region in Canada. But besides its population, Kamloops is perhaps best known for hosting the 1993 Canada Summer Games and is planning to host the Winter Games in 2011.

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