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Tobermory, Ontario

The small town of Tobermory rests on the Bruce Peninsula, 100 km North of Owen Sound, 300 km northwest of Toronto, in the Canadian province of Ontario. It's probably best known for its scuba diving - unique, indeed, for a town in Ontario Canada.

Fathom Five National Marine Park

Explore remnants of many shipwrecks and lighthouses by either scuba diving, or glass-bottom boat touring in Fathom Five National Marine Park. This park is one of the reasons Tobermory known as "the fresh water SCUBA diving capital of the world."

Bruce Peninsula Park

As recently as 2006, a visitor's centre (designed by Andrew Frontini of the Torontonian architectural firm Shore Tilbe Irwin + Partners) was constructed to make Bruce Peninsula and Fathom Five National Marine Park more attractive and accessible to visitors. The visitors' centre includes a boardwalk, a theater, a 20-metre high lookout tower, an information centre and exhibit hall.

The best part of this centre is that it was designed with environmental concerns at the forefront. Indeed, the government's interest in the centre and its green efforts is demonstrated by the $224,000 grant the centre received for its greenhouse gas reduction technology.

When in Tobermory be sure to experience this visitors' centre, as well as all the beauty of the surrounding Bruce Peninsula National Park. Bring your camera and click away at all the magnificent natural attractions - the Grotto, for example, is spectacular. And check out the museum, go canoeing, kayaking, shopping, and so much more!

Tobermory Trivia

Q. What other country contains a town called Tobermory?


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October 20, 2013


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