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Visit Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is a gorgeous place for a stroll barefoot on a warm beach and watching seagulls glide over rolling waves. The Island has miles of coastline, so you're never far from the sea and beautiful beaches.

PEI is family-friendly. Rent bikes and hit the Confederation Trail, which runs the length of the Island. There's plenty of family-style attractions in Cavendish and the north shore. But if it's a slower pace you seek, consider a spot closer to the south, east or west coasts. Don't forget your camera!

The cottages available for rent run the full spectrum, from luxurious to rustic. Most have fully-equipped kitchens, and the Island is dotted with modern supermarkets and smaller grocery stores and roadside vegetable stands, so home-cooking and barbecues are easy and relaxing.

Go Kayaking, or on a seal-watching excursion. Have dinner at a fine restaurant, or a family-style (and family-priced) restaurant. And catch an incredible performance at one of our main theatres or go by a small hall for the best local music. Call our toll-free number (1-800-463-4PEI), and travel counsellors will be glad to help you.

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October 20, 2013


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