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Yoga At The Cottage

Last year I went to a beautiful cottage for a week with my family - my kids, parents, brother and sister and their spouses and dogs. It was a busy little holiday with so many of us there. But I was determined to relax and get some time for myself.

I was determined to practice yoga.

I remember when we first got to the cottage, we unpacked our bags and went outside on the deck to drink wine and unwind. The weather was beautiful, the scenery stunning, the sky so blue. What better moment to practice yoga -- when everything around me is still new, unfamiliar? And, after a long car trip, I was in need of a good stretch.

And stretch I did. I handed the kids over to my family and unrolled my mat right on the deck. The family was congregated on the other end of the deck, but, sure enough, they ended up near my mat - and my kids were all over it, of course!

It wasn't the ideal practice that first day. I mean, I wasn't able to really focus and meditate. But, I stretched, and laughed and just absorbed the beauty around me. I took it in and, indeed, breathed it in. Fresh, country air. Ahhh....

The next day, I handed the children over to my parents and asked them to give me an hour to practice on the dock. The waves were a little rough for balances and standing poses, and the boaters and cottagers across the lake were a tad distracting. But, it was worth it.

I'll never forget that particular practice, gazing up at the clear blue sky and down at the reflecting waters.... It was gift to be able to celebrate the experience and simply to be in the momentthere through yoga.

If you're going to practice yoga at the cottage, my advice would be to go with the flow - the flow of the waves beneath you if you're practicing on a dock, or the flow of events around you, the distractions and interruptions.

Give yourself permission to have a less-than-perfect practice (as one always should), and just enjoy. Use the yoga to make the most out of your cottage experience, and not the other way around.

Enjoy! And, namaste....

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October 20, 2013


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