Boy's, Boards & Boyne
We booked the property for our sons 16th birthday so he and a couple of his close friends could have a nice snowboard weekend at Boyne Highlands. The idea being the kids could snowboard and the wife and I could kick back relax and enjoy the peace and quiet as well as a nice fire in the fireplace. So that's just what we did, everything was just as described, the kitchen nicely loaded with all the utensils and dish ware you will need. The Bedrooms and Baths were very nice and clean and plenty of firewood for the fireplace. We are thinking of coming back in maybe late summer or fall since I'm sure its just beautiful. Note: if you plan on a winter stay make sure you have a 4 wheel or all wheel drive vehicle to navigate the roads to and from the house as the weather can add some variables to any plans .

February 2016
Highlands View Cottage  A Perfect 4 Season Getaway
Highlands View Cottage A Perfect 4 Season Getaway
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