Comforts of home with a taste of Southern Hospitality
We have to admit, this place is the closest to perfect we have ever stayed, it is laid out for much more than we ever dreamed of using, however if you want a very comfortable stay during your visit to Asheville, North Carolina, we can attest this place as one of the best around. It’s clear to see the owners are interested to bring the very best possible for your stay, simply bring your clothes and know you are prepared…would you believe they even offer coffee for the K-Cup maker, I did not actually check, however bet they have food in there as well, so unselfish for their visitors and it's all there just for you to be happy for your stay to their home. This place is very large, you will not side step anywhere in the house, neither will you find anything to complain about, if you have questions, they have that covered, it's all in the notebook. If we had to address one area that would make the stay better, it would have to be WiFi. I know, you are on vacation, why would you need it, however it would have been nice to have for this visit, everything else was perfect. BTW, it’s also handicap accessible and there is a sleep number bed / with instructions; furniture everywhere, BBQ propane setup, large deck, the works. Honestly, we only slept at the house, however if you are the type that hangs out at the house during your getaway travel, you are good to go. The owners do live on the grounds, if you need anything, they are there to assist, and I do believe they would help for anything, in fact their home is joining, however we did not hear anything from them, meaning they seem to try hard to make your visit quite. Be prepared to see all type of birds right outside your patio view, they come to eat and are right there at the window, they also have a bird book and binoculars there on the writing desk; see what I mean, they have everything covered. If we visit again, it will be here.

December 2016
Clean, comfortable,  convenient apartment 15 mins from Asheville NC attractions
Clean, comfortable, convenient apartment 15 mins from Asheville NC attractions
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