Cute, comfortable, clean and private
Thank you to Patrice and The Staff at Pelican Cottage. My husband and I stayed in Pelican Cottage for a few nights in late November while visiting family in Gold Beach. The cottage is nicely appointed with all the necessities - kitchen appliances and utensils, full-sized fridge, microwave, small gas cooking range, coffee maker and grinder, toaster and all the needed utensils. The bath and beach towels were clean and soft, as was the bedding. It was a chilly time of the year but the little electric fireplace/heater kept the edge off and there were a couple extra blankets. While the hot water to the sinks and shower was perfectly hot, the hot tub was not. The water was just tolerably warm and we would've enjoyed the hot tub more if it was adequately hot. The hot tub instructions state that the water temp should not exceed 104F yet the water felt cooler than 104F to me. We did not inquire about this during our stay so maybe there was a remedy for this. One additional detail that I will mention - just so Patrice and her staff can address - is the doors to the cottage. The double doors either need repair or replacing - the stationary door no longer latches at the bottom making the seal of both doors not water tight. There was a rainy storm one night and the water actually got in to the cottage making the welcome mat and floor close to the doors quite wet. This will eventually cause serious water damage to the flooring and subfloor. Also, the fact that the stationary door doesn't latch at the bottom is a security issue because I imagine if you tug hard enough on the door knob from the outside both doors may pop open. That said, we slept through a few blustery nights and the doors stayed shut. Overall, our stay in Pelican Cottage was really very nice and we really appreciated all the details that Patrice and her staff took into account to make our stay comfortable and private. We would definitely stay here again and recommend that you do the same.

December 2016
Come Stay In Heaven At The Pelican!  Pet Friendly!!! Gold Beach, OR
Come Stay In Heaven At The Pelican! Pet Friendly!!! Gold Beach, OR
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